Sizy's - image compression and optimization service - change log page

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#SharingIsCaring - now you can easily (by pressing a button, wow) share Sizy with the world (your freinds and followers). I'm not saying you have to do this right now but you know, would be slightly helpfull and I won't have to do unplesant things to you


Gif support is back, but results are kinda lame, less than 5% size reduction on few files I've tested - either they were already optimized before I got em, or I'll have to check out more algorithms to compress them. Suggestions and testing is welcome! (or you could check out they seem to have pretty decent configurator and tools for fiddling with single image, but no batch processing)

We now have a bit more to read about!


It's been almost a friday 13th today, but it's actually 14th, oh well, *sadface*

UI rework, now status, progress, and optimization button are neatly tucked away together inside file-tree footer. (Which would neglect probabilities of shipping image-browser outside sizy eco-system, but 1. who cares, and 2. footer and header space could be provided as generic containers for user's stuff)

Also few general bugfixes and improvements, usual stuff

Added a way to select only few files, for those precise ones. You'll still get zip with single file though, probs too much bother to verify and send single file

Sitemap, yay!

14.06.2019 & 15.06.2019

Big fix for file uploader, now it doesn't break paths that have empty folders inside them (still no progress though, it'll require some bizzare hacks, cause its pretty synchronous process of parsing huge array of files)

Small changes to bradcrumbs (file path)

Working go up button (yay, I've been forgetting to fix it for like 2 weeks already)


Subscription possibilities, yay!


Added simpler way to upload files through basic input[type=file]

Added simple "gallery" - click on any image in preview to enlarge it into full size, click again and hide it