Sizy's - image compression and optimization service - about page

no backing up for you untill you read this whole page, no-no-no

Well hewwo there, you interested fella!

Wanna know more, much more about Sizy and meself? Well, you've got to the right place!

What should I start with.. probs the unwilling contributors part:

Sizy uses an amount of libraries, which licenses I haven't really checked, but since it's public-private work I should be fine until I start putting my hands in your wallet. But, THA major all libraries:

You also can check (manually updated and stripped) package.json

You might ask - why bother listing everything? Cause why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It doesn't hurt, but the work of all people contributing to all those packages and libraries helped to create Sizy in meaningfull amount of time. And it's just a right thing to do, even if it takes an hour to check all the links, licenses and wrap it all up.

Also you might have noticed that there's not that much client libraries - why? Cause I wrote most of the code meself, cause the base client-side stuff is:

And that's kinda it. You now know all the jizz I've spilled over Sizy, wanna know even a bit more, or maybe need some help with anything I've covered above? Write me up, I might not answer, though, but you are always free to try