Sizy - batch compress and optimize jpeg and png images in any folder

Drop any images or folders here to compress and optimize them!

We support .jpeg, .png, and .gif, as well as simple packed .zip-s and (if your browsers supports it) full folders drop-in!

Don't like drag'n'drop? No biggies, just , Sizy will take care of the rest.

Drop your images here!

Welp, hi there!

You've managed to stumble upon my neat app for compressing and optimizing image batches of any shape and size: be it highly structured tree of your shop's catalogue or just a folder with a bunch of images you forgot to optimize while saving.

Sizy can compress nested folders and stray loads of images, be it jpeg or png!

And don't you worry - it won't even try to read anyting that is not an image though you probably should take care dropping your porn collection on it, because..

Sizy allows you to preview whole tree of images that you're going to optimize!

There's one small restriction though - right now Sizy is in development and I won't allow more than 100 images or more than 69 megs of data per load, so try not to break anything.

And in case you want to stay in tune with development progress:

Or you might want to contact me directly:

Anton, 04.05.2019